Valentine’s Day

Cup cakes for Valentine's Day

OK. Time is running out. Valentine’s Day is right here and you have realised that you are not prepared and have not bought anything yet for your loved one.

Well, lots of options are offered to you … and most of them at a price. Many online sites will be more than happy to oblige and help you solve your problem so you can look like you are such a loving and caring individual… which of course you are 🙂 But, is it the right way?

Why not do something different this year? Something to show that you care. A little attention to make your loved one smile. It could be as simple as write a little note or a home-made card placed strategically in their packed lunch, computer bag, purse/wallet, anywhere you know they will find it. A little reminder of a pleasant time spent together, the promise of a quiet evening later, of your individed attention. Basically, all we human beings want is to be made a fuss of really and hear that we are loved. Say aloud the nice things you think about but never actually express. Forget about any worries and make them feel special. Valentine’s Day is not all about cards, flowers, chocolates and presents but about taking stock of your life and realising all the good things you have around you. So, step back and enjoy each other’s company.

What shall I do for Valentine’s Day myself? Well, I am organised… I have bought a card! :-)….. and used the leftover cup cakes (see picture) my daughter made for her boyfriend. 😉