Chicken stock

Chicken stock in cup cake cases to freeze

Separate and freeze

My tip today is to show you how to re-use your leftover chicken bones, and even your fresh vegetable peel, to make some great chicken stock. More than just give you a recipe, I would like to share little tips with you to make it that little bit more useful. Once you have tasted your own home-made chicken stock, you will never look at chicken bones the same way again! 🙂 Continue reading

Make cheap packed lunches for work

Make a free meal out of your leftovers

I should not say “cheap packed lunches” but “free packed lunches” since many of us throw out the leftovers of our meals. So, next time you tidy your kitchen after diner, think twice before throwing your leftovers in the bin (or giving them to the dog). Use them in your packed lunch at work. Remove bones and fat from meats and cut the flesh into smallish cubes. Re-use your leftover pasta and rice too. Add a few more ingredients to bulk it up if required. It does not take that long. For ideas, have a look at my post about how to make varied packed lunches.

The one meat I find does not work well cold is lamb. It is too fatty and leaves a small white covering which is not pleasant to eat when served cold, in salads for example. I am not keen on cold cooked root vegetables either but this is just a matter of taste really. I like cold cooked peppers in salads but I think raw is best for your packed lunches.

How to make varied packed lunches

Your packed lunches, microwavable or not, can be as varied as your evening meals. The trick in preparing packed lunch is to use the leftover meal from the night before (so make sure you cook more food than you actually need). Let’s see what I mean using pictures: (click pictures to enlarge)

Above is some leftover chicken casserole with fresh tagliatelle pasta. Continue reading