Ham for packed lunch

I love ham in sandwiches, tortilla wraps, pasta salads, etc. The one you get at the deli counter is expensive that’s why they slice it really thin! You can get ham in tin. It is great for emergency but  I find the texture a little bit too squashy, good for making quiches, not sandwiches. So, my solution is make your own!

Try and buy British of course. They sell too many Danish products in the pork section… Buy a piece of gammon, smoked or unsmoked. It is easy to cook and tastes delicious. When cooked, try and slice thinnish slices although it is quite tricky and you will end up with little chunks. The thinner pieces will be used for sandwiches, the chunks for wraps and salads, the edge bits being a bit tougher will be great kept for pies or quiches. And of course, everything will be stored in the freezer, carefullly separated using greaseproof paper so you can take out as much as you want when you want it, usually the night before you need it.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday and bought a large piece of gammon (half price it was too) that I am planning to cook today. So, I will let you know how I get on. Have a lovely Sunday.

Soups are easy – Carrot and lentil

carrot and lentil soup with cubed cheddar cheese

Add some cubed cheddar for a bit of saltiness!

There is nothing easier than make your own soup. Having a pressure cooker saves time and energy as it only takes 10 minutes to cook but a pot with a lid will do just as well. Make large quantities and store in the freezer in small or large containers. They will be readily available “at the push of a microwave button”!

I like to use Continue reading

New Vodka Lemon drink

I published a post just before Pancake Day on how to make lemonade. Well, the bag of 6 lemons for £1.00 has been offered for sale on and off even since (at Morrison’s at least). You should also know that lemons are really good for you. They are antibacterial and full of vitamin C so they really give you a boost when you are feeling a cold coming on. Well, it works for me anyway. Although, because I rarely have home-made lemonade readily available in the fridge, I usually take about 6 tablets as soon as I feel under the weather and this usually sorts me out. This does not do the body any harm as any excess Vitamin C will be excreted in the urine.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I discovered this week-end. I need to say first that I am quite partial to the odd vodka orange. So, as I made fresh lemonade on Saturday morning and had some left over in the fridge, I thought I would make my usual vodka orange with lemonade instead. Oh, wow ! This was so delicious!! If you are not fond of vodka orange, please try this at least once and tell me what you think. Hubby was impressed too! But, just a little piece of advice: don’t make too much lemonade otherwise, you might want to have seconds, and thirds, etc. and that would not be very good, would it?! Please give me feedback when you have tried as I would love to know how many people I have converted. 😉 Take care!

Save your empty jars

three empty jam jars

Ready for jam making day

Save your jars throughout the year ready for the summer/autumn season when ingredients are cheap and plentiful, and in some cases, free! Mayonnaise, jam, anything in a glass jar, preferably with a safety widget (to ensure the jam will be vacuum sealed). I like the Bonne Maman jars myself because they look lovely and they are usually the ones I will give away first as gifts. Wash them and remove the labels as and when the jars get empty. Store at the back of a cupboard. Then, the day you make your jam, chutney or other preserve, you will not need to buy jam jars! All you have to do is give them another wash and sterilise them. Strawberries are cheap in the summer. Berries can be picked for free in the coutryside. I used to have a Victoria plum tree in my back garden, so every year I made a lot of jam. There is nothing more satisfying that eating your own home-made jam, knowing that it only cost the price of a few lemons and bags of sugar. Friends and family always enjoy free hand-outs… I mean, the fruit of your hard labour! 😉

Chicken stock

Chicken stock in cup cake cases to freeze

Separate and freeze

My tip today is to show you how to re-use your leftover chicken bones, and even your fresh vegetable peel, to make some great chicken stock. More than just give you a recipe, I would like to share little tips with you to make it that little bit more useful. Once you have tasted your own home-made chicken stock, you will never look at chicken bones the same way again! 🙂 Continue reading