Make your Marigolds last longer

What do you do when you get a hole in one of your marigolds or rubber gloves? Do you throw both gloves away and get a brand new pair? NO!!! Don’t do that!

Well, here what you should do:

Only throw away the damaged glove and store the other under the sink (or any other safe place).

Then, next time you have a hole in one of your gloves, replace it with the one you put away and you will find yourself with a perfectly functional pair of “near” brand new gloves.

But, I can hear you say: “But what if they are both for the same hand?” Well, that’s not a problem! Just turn the glove inside out and you are sorted! Frankly, it does not matter if your glove is yellow or white on the outside, does it? As long as it is waterproof and it protects you from the heat. That’s all that matters, right?

Finally, another way to keep your Marigolds last longer is to be careful not to prick them with your sharp knives in the first place! 🙂

So, what that a good tip ? 😉

Oh! and another thing. Buy only one size to fit the biggest hand. For example, we always buy Large in our family even though I am a Medium. You would not like someone to say they cannot do the dishes because the gloves dont’ fit! 🙂