How to keep your house cool in the summer – keep the sun out

A lot of windows...

As temperatures outside are soaring, we have to be careful and try and keep the cooler air indoors. You don’t need to use fancy air conditioning systems, expensive to buy and run, but just take simple steps.

First, make sure that all windows are closed and curtains drawn during the day before going to work.  In France, most houses have exterior window shutters but here(*), we have to make do with curtains. In rooms without curtains such as bathrooms, place a large cardboard against the glass or, if you have a small hopper at the top,  wedge the bath mat or a towel at the opening. Basically, what you want to do is prevent the sun rays from entering your house.

If not going to work in the morning, i.e. looking after kids, at week-ends, on holidays, etc., you might be able to keep open a bit longer the windows still in shade while the air is still pleasant outside.

Only in the evening should you be able to open your windows and let the cooler air from outside replace the new hotter air from inside.

This is one big difference between France and England: in England, you see a lot of windows wide open in the height of summer. In France, we prefer to live in the dark…..

(*) – I mean England since hot weather in Scotland is not an issue….yet…