How to hang clothes to reduce ironing

close up of jeans legs drying on a line

Most garments can get away with not being ironed if you deal with the creases while they are still damp, i.e. as soon as the washing machine cycle is finished. So, I hope you will like my tips!

Until the day someone works out how to clean clothes without washing, we will have to keep doing it the traditional way!

My best friend’s mum would iron everything down to socks and pants. You would not believe they were a family of 9 children! She did all the ironing herself but all other house chores were allocated to each child on a weekly basis. Smart lady!

Anyway, although I don’t like ironing, I am the main “doer” in the family so I need to be efficient to minimise pain ūüėČ

My ironing is limited to shirts/blouses, some trousers, the occasional tops and tea towels (you should iron tea towels for hygiene reasons as the hot iron kills bacteria). Well, I do iron pillow slips (to kill bacteria too) and some duvet covers cos it looks nice.

I don’t have a tumble dryer and don’t intend to have one, mainly because they are far too expensive to run.

Whether you dry clothes outdoors or indoors, give them a couple of real strong shakes before hanging them to remove most of the creases hence reducing or even preventing the need to iron. Have a look at the following clip to see what I mean.

Trousers: a couple of pegs as per the picture:Close up of Jeans to how how to hang trousers

Shirts: upside down, at the seam, hung from the inside in case the peg makes a mark (if you leave your wooden pegs outside they will leave a black mark on clothes).

how to hang shirts on clothe line

T-shirts: put your peg at the seam to reduce the weight of the garment pulling on the to hang t-shirts on a cloth line

how to hang sleeveless tops on a horse line

Tip: Be careful where you place your pegs to avoid any obvious peg marks on your garment afterwards. You might have to place pegs under the arm pits if the fabric is really thin and gets easily distorted.

Tip: be careful with long zips or cords as while shaking, you might get slapped on the hand or head (I know! it’s happened to me‚Ķdough!)