Grow your own citrus fruit tree

Walking through the garden centre this spring, I noticed they were selling 5-year old lemon trees for £36. And I thought: ” I can grow one too”!

So, I collected healthy looking seeds from lemons, oranges and mandarins, placing them inside a small glass filled with lukewarm water. After a few days, most seeds would turn dark but some would start to swell and show a little white growth.

I very gently placed them in compost, three of four seeds per small pot, and kept them moist in the greenhouse (a sunny and warm window sill would have worked too). After a few weeks, some seedlings appeared! The success rate was pretty awful as you can see in my picture: 2 seedlings with stunted growth but 2 promising little trees! The only problem is that I don’t know which type of fruit they will produce.

So, my advice to you is “Label your seeds!”.