Chicken nuggets


chicken nuggets with French fries and vegetables

Once you have made these, you will not want to buy chicken nuggets from the shops anymore! As you bulk up your chicken pieces with flour and breadcrumbs, you can actually feed more people with less chicken. Count about 2 chicken breasts for 4 people. So, your chicken breasts really go a long way. “How goes it” then?

Display of ingredients for home-made chicken nuggets

Get prepared

 First bowl: flour and paprika. Mix.

Second bowl: egg, soya sauce and milk. Mix.

Third bowl: breadcrumbs and seasoning (I used steak seasoning here). Tip: make your own breadcrumbs from hard, stale bread. Don’t leave bread in a plastic bag though because the humidity will grow mould. If you don’t have any stale bread, use the toaster to dry a few slices but you should really be saving your old unwanted bread! Naughty you! 🙁 If you make too many breadcrumbs, store them in an airtight jar. You can use them up to thicken sauces, sprinkled on top of roast vegetables, etc.

Dip your chicken cubes into each bowl until well covered, put on a plate and leave in the fridge to rest for 20-30 minutes (this helps the coating settle).

Raw chicken nuggets ready to fry

Ready for oil immersion!

Now, heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan (about 0.5cm deep). Tip: although I always use olive oil in my cooking, I find that vegetable oil is lighter to fry food in. Place nuggets in the hot oil.
Home-made chicken nuggets cooking in frying pan

Make sure the oil is hot to seal the meat!

 Make sure the oil is hot before adding the nuggets as hot oil will seal the meat. Turn the nuggets over a couple of times during cooking. Remove from the frying pan when they have reached a golden colour and place on a couple layers of kitchen towel to soak up any excess oil. 

Golden cooked home-made chicken nuggets

Let the nuggets rest in a warm place for a little while

Place in a warm place for the nuggets to rest (this will make them that extra tender, 10 min will do). Prepare any other vegetables, serve and enjoy!

Chicken nuggets served with French fries and vegetables

It tastes as good as it looks!