Potato allergy – cooking cassava

potato substitute for people with potato allergyI love potatoes! I always have and, probably, always will. But yet again, I have learned to live without them. If you are wondering why, you should probably have a quick look at one of my older posts.

I realised only recently (thank you, dearest daughter, for your invaluable input on that one!) that cassava is a fantastic substitute to potatoes and I can now make “potato-free mashed potatoes”!!!!!!!

It looks like mashed potatoes and it tastes like mashed potatoes. The only difference is that Hubby can eat them too.

So, if like me, you are longing for some thick, buttery and delighful potato mash with your diner, go and get yourself some cassava. I know you can buy them at Morrison’s now.

Not sure how to cook it? Exactly like you would potatoes. Boil them until tender and mash them, mixed with loads of cheddar, butter and/or fresh cream. And season to taste.

The only difference is that the skin is a bit harder to remove as they are covered with wax to keep them fresh longer.