My poached eggs


poached eggs on buttered toast

Add ketchup if desired

I only started to make poached eggs a few years ago. I don’t think French people know about poached eggs, at least not around my friends and family. We have many ways of cooking eggs in France but we leave the poaching to hunters 😉

I found out recently that eating two eggs in the morning was very good for you 1) because it keeps you going for longer at work and stops the 11 o’clock munches and 2) because your body has the whole day to process the egg, allowing even people suffering from high cholesterol to have them.

So, breakfast nowadays is two eggs on wholemeal bread. Here are my tips on how to make poached eggs in the morning.

Prepare the eggs: Break one egg in a ramequin. Then, place egg on a strainer and give it a little twirl so that any excess liquid falls in the plate underneath (this liquid would just separate from the egg while cooking anyway).sieving water from raw eggGet the water simmering in your saucepan, put bread in the toaster. Gently empty two ramequins in the saucepan and put timer on for 2 minutes. Place toast in a plate and put butter on top to soften. Take eggs out with your strainer and slotted spoon and let the excess water drain while you butter your toast.

draining poached eggs using ustentils

Leave to drain

 A few months have passed since I last published this post so I thought I would update it as I have changed things slightly since… I no longer bother getting rid of the excess liquid before cooking my eggs. It is too much bother really. The excess liquid just floats around in the saucepan and would not do any harm if you picked it up with your slotted spoon.