How to spread butter on bread / toast

Butter on toasted sliced bread

Place on warm toast

Two small tips to make those daily tasks a little bit easier.

Hard Butter – in the morning or whenever you make yourself toast. Cut a thinnish piece of butter and place it on top of warm toast. The warm toasted bread will soften the butter and Bob is your uncle! Of course, if you don’t want your butter to melt completely, wait a few seconds for your toast to cool down slightly or put a thicker slice of butter.

Sandwich Bread – don’t you hate spreading hard butter on fresh bread? It get really messy, doesn’t it? Well, if you store your bread in the freezer, spreading butter will become child’s play! Just take out the exact number of slices you need to make your sandwiches. The bread will be frozen hard and you won’t create holes when spreading the butter. It is also a good way of keeping bread really fresh. No more hard or mouldy bread and your waste is reduced!

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