How to cut and skin a whole chicken

cut up chicken in a plate
Have you noticed the legs (and breasts) have already “legged” it to the freezer! Ha, ha!

Let’s prepare our two chickens┬ádifferently than previously shown. Now that you have successfully removed the breasts from the carcass, you won’t mind cutting up the whole bird now, will you? ­čÖé┬á Of course, I am assuming here that you know about salmonella and what precautions to take to prevent bacteria spreading, i.e. don’t wash your bird beforehand, don’t cut other food using the same┬áknife or cutting board without cleaning them first, bla, bla, bla….

So, let’s get cutting! If you get your knife right at the joint, it will be like cutting through butter. There are plenty of sites giving you step-by-step instructions so, I won’t go into too much details but will still post a few piccies. Remove as much skin and fat as reasonably possible (meaning, you don’t need to be too fiddly) as well as the end bit of the wing (it’s mostly bones!).

One leg down, three to go!
Remove excess skin and fat
One more bit of skin to remove
Now the wings
Cut the end bit off and remove skin. No need to be perfect.

Now the carcass:

Remove the “hip”
Remove skin and discard tail
Good job, heh? Here, I like to remove the dard red bits inside the hip, scooping them out with the index.
Now the breasts:
Leave a bit of meat on the bone because you will be serving it too.

Breasts and top and bottom legs will go in the freezer for future use, suitably marked and dated in a freezer bag. Tip: separate using a double layer of greaseproof paper so they don’t stick to each other and then, you can take out as many or as few as you want.