Free Vacuum Sealing Systems

Home-made Vacuumed sealed freezer bag

Home-made vacuum bags

Not only vacuum sealing systems are expensive but it is just another device to store in your already bulging cupboards. So, please have a try at my system and tell me what you think.
First, you need some resealable plastic bags (not the easy-seal ones because they are harder to handle and the sides keep sticking to the wrong places and don’t work properly anymore), a plastic straw¬†and a pair of lungs…. and of course, food that you want to store in the freezer!
Put the food inside the bag… of course, that’s obvious. Press tightly along the whole opening except for a little hole where the straw is inserted. Next, simply suck the air out of the bag with the straw. Then, you only need to remove the straw quickly and close the bag tightly.
If you don’t have a straw, do it with just your lips. It works just as well.