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After nearly 2 years of living in rented accommodation, we have finally bought our own place: a bungalow in serious need of TLC.

I am no stranger to DIY having done a lot of work with Hubby over the years in our previous home. If I were rich, I would probably have people do the work for me but I am not. My logic is that if you do things yourself, you can do so much more with the same budget…. and better too! 🙂

DIY is all about confidence. When we first started, we even bought a bag of ready-mix sand/cement because we were too scared to do the mixing ourselves!! Yep, true! I remember it well because our neighbour commented on how expensive it was to get concrete this way!

Our last achievement was the bathroom. We did everything ourselves including new plumbing, power shower, tiling, etc.

Bathroom renovation - green suite

No comment!

Pipes to be rerouted below the floorboards


Bathroom tiling

Waiting for adhesive to set

The Tiling Queen – That’s me!

Only the sound system is missing!

So, watch this space!

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