Wet room – How to find the right slope before tiling the shower floor

Before starting to tile the shower area of my wet room, I needed to know how much slope was required for the water to drain properly. So, I searched on the Internet and found that the right slope was between 1.5% and 3%. What????? What does that mean in practical terms??? As I had no idea, I had to work it out another way. My wet room is finished and I am pleased to say that my system works well. So, I would like to share it with you in the hope that you will find useful for your own project! Continue reading

How to fix your squirrel-damaged peanut feeder

If a squirrel manages to open your bird feeder, try and fix it before running to the shop to buy a new one. I did that already but my squirrels did not take long before destroying my second one even though it looked so much stronger than the first one…

close up of a peanut feeder showing damaged wire caused by a squirrel

So, get a small length of Continue reading

How to design and tile a shower floor in a wet room

That tiling task was not as bad as I thought it would be. First, I had many sleepless nights worrying about it and did a lot of planning.. I used a 120cm x 90cm shower former and 60cm x 30cm porcelain tiles. Please note, they are all multiple of 30 which I think helps when tiling the shower former.

1. Work out where to place your tiles to get the most pleasing end result, laying them on the floor as accurately as possible and making sure you would not end up with very small pieces of cut tile along the edge.IMG_3329 (1024x683) Below, you can see what Continue reading

How to pick up brick dust from drill

how to pick up dust


I used to place my vacuum cleaner’s nozzle next to a hole being drilled to suck up any brick dust and prevent it from falling down. This was not ideal though because the motor filter is not suited to very fine dust. Now, I would like to share with you a great new tip, a much better way to pick up brick dust that cannot damage the vacuum cleaner.

Use a dust pan (because it has a wide brim and a nice handle!), place a wet kitchen towel over it and locate the dust pan right under the hole being drilled. The falling brick dust will be collected by the wet kitchen towel. When finished, simply put the kitchen towel in the bin. Try this tip and let me know what you think!


Bungalow renovation

We purchased our bungalow in August 2012.

As I wanted to share our experience with my parents, I started a bilingual blog called, Littlehill, our Little Piece of Heaven, dedicated to recording our progress throughout the renovation, although if I come across any good tips, I will certainly share them with you through this blog.

Wish me luck! 🙂