About me

The purpose of my blog is to share with you the experience I have collected over the years, through various tips, so that you can turn it to your advantage. We all want to make our own mistakes but sometimes, it is nice to learn the easy way through others. Anything I can do to make life that little bit easier while saving money, time and the environment is a little step in the right direction! So look out for my tips on food such as packed lunches and easy meals but also on other house-related tasks including DIY.

But, “Who IS she”?

In short, I am a translator, wife and mother of two who has experience in French cooking (of course! :-)), DIY, gardening and bringing up kids (in no particular order). That’s the one good thing about getting older, you don’t just gain wrinkles and grey hair but you gain experience too! I am not a great spender, I don’t like waste and I am not keen on ready-made meals and restaurant food as my motto is: “I can do it better and cheaper”.

Why notrehome.com?

“Notre home”, well, this is a very clever and well thought-out play on words to celebrate my bilingual environment….

Neigh!! this is b******t! To tell you the truth, my first and second choices, which were “our home” and “notre maison” respectively, were no longer available for sale. So, this was beggar’s meal, really.

But…I like it now!

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