How to pick up brick dust from drill

how to pick up dust


I used to place my vacuum cleaner’s nozzle next to a hole being drilled to suck up any brick dust and prevent it from falling down. This was not ideal though because the motor filter is not suited to very fine dust. Now, I would like to share with you a great new tip, a much better way to pick up brick dust that cannot damage the vacuum cleaner.

Use a dust pan (because it has a wide brim and a nice handle!), place a wet kitchen towel over it and locate the dust pan right under the hole being drilled. The falling brick dust will be collected by the wet kitchen towel. When finished, simply put the kitchen towel in the bin. Try this tip and let me know what you think!


How many days in the month, the French way

Ok, I know! This tip is not going to help you save time (nor money) now but it would have saved you time once upon a time, when you were still at infant school and had to learn how many days there are in which month! Continue reading

What to do with overripe bananas

Not quite overripe since you can still see some green but that’s all I had at the time!

So, what do you do when your bananas get speckled black? Becoming far too ripe for most tastebuds, bananas will, more often than not, end up in the bin… or the composter if you have one. But you would be loosing out on a great dessert! Continue reading

How to store liquids in the freezer

frozing sauce in plastic container and bagThis tip will show you how to store liquids, i.e. sauces and soups, in the freezer. First of all, don’t buy these fancy stand-along freezer bags, you would just be wasting your money. Storage in a rigid plastic container is not the best option either because i) the container will most likely be taller than the amount of liquid you want to store, taking uncessary space in the freezer, and ii) you would need to have a lot of containers in your cupboard to fulfil your freezer storage needs.

So, what I do is place a small easy-seal plastic bag inside a plastic container and fill it to the required level. Tip: fold the top of the bag towards the outside by about an inch to protect the seal from spills. Leave in the freezer overnight. Then, pull the bag out of the container. Seal the bag (if not done already), make note of content and date and return to the freezer. Tip: warm the container with your hands or dip it quickly into hot water if the bag is stuck inside the container.