How to make vanilla sugar

Place a whole vanilla pod (slit the pod open along its length with a knife to increase flavour) inside a jar and fill with sugar. Wait a few days for the flavour to infuse. Top up with sugar as and when required, occasionally adding a new pod to the old one. You will no longer need to buy vanilla-flavoured sugar.

Vanilla pods in sugar jar

Vanilla pods inside jar

Lemons for pancakes on Pancake Day !

Fresh lemon slices

Fresh lemon slices

My purpose here is not to show you how to make pancakes – you don’t want to find yet another pancake recipe on the Internet – but to show you how to take advantage of the cheap lemons that are on offer at the moment in the shops because of Pancake Day.

Before that, as my blog is all about giving you tips, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a couple of handy tips regarding your pancake experience! Continue reading