Cooking ham for packed lunches

Following my post on how to use ham for packed lunch, I will show you how easy it is to make lots of ham. You can then use it for diner and all sorts of packed lunches, i.e. sandwiches, tortilla wraps, rice or pasta salads or even microwavable lunches to eat at the workplace.

Cooking your own ham is very easy and very money efficient. Just remember to cook more than you need so that you can store the surplus for future use. Here is what I do:

Boil in water.

Gammon reading for boiling

Add bay leaf + onion pricked with cloves + few peppercorns

Remove excess fat, make a criss cross pattern and spread glaze on top

spreading honey and mustard on boiled ham

Spread mixture of 1tsp clear honey + 1tsp mustard

You will find that Continue reading

Ham for packed lunch

I love ham in sandwiches, tortilla wraps, pasta salads, etc. The one you get at the deli counter is expensive that’s why they slice it really thin! You can get ham in tin. It is great for emergency but  I find the texture a little bit too squashy, good for making quiches, not sandwiches. So, my solution is make your own!

Try and buy British of course. They sell too many Danish products in the pork section… Buy a piece of gammon, smoked or unsmoked. It is easy to cook and tastes delicious. When cooked, try and slice thinnish slices although it is quite tricky and you will end up with little chunks. The thinner pieces will be used for sandwiches, the chunks for wraps and salads, the edge bits being a bit tougher will be great kept for pies or quiches. And of course, everything will be stored in the freezer, carefullly separated using greaseproof paper so you can take out as much as you want when you want it, usually the night before you need it.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday and bought a large piece of gammon (half price it was too) that I am planning to cook today. So, I will let you know how I get on. Have a lovely Sunday.