How to reuse sliced bread plastic bag

A great way to keep your sandwiches tightly wrapped and safe without using a single tie.

Keep your empty plastic bags in the bread bin for later use but first, shake all the crumbs out over the sink and make sure there is no moisture inside (you may need to leave it for a couple of hours on your worktop, slightly ajar, for it to dry).

Place your sandwich at the bottom of the bag.

step 1 – place sandwich at bottom of bag

Place your palm on the sandwich to gently squash the air out, pinch the plastic bag close to the sandwich and rotate the sandwich part of the bag a couple of times to “seal” the opening


step 2 squash air out and rotate the sandwich part of bag a couple of times

Pull the opening side of the bag over the sandwich part of the bag. Your sandwich is now safely wrapped!

step 3 – pull opening side of bag over sandwich part of bag

Reuse bread bag as a kitchen compost bin

Below is another way for you to replace your hard plastic kitchen compost bin so that you no longer have to wash it!!

If you do not have a 4-pint milk bottle or if you want something smaller, place your kitchen waste inside an empty bread bag until you are ready to empty it in your garden compost bin. Then, when the plastic bag gets dirty, simply throw it away and use another one.