Supermarket value plants

Beware of plants on special offer although I will show you in this post that every cloud has a silver lining! Let me explain…Recently, I bought a thyme plant from a supermarket. A few days after I brought it home, I noticed that the compost always felt dry no matter how much I watered it. So, I gently lifted the plant out of the pot and noticed that it was completely pot bound. Since the plant would not have lasted very long in such condition, I decided to divide it, grabbing the plant with my fingers and pulling it into four smaller pieces (using a sharp knife to help get through the woody bits at the top). Tip: before pulling the plant apart, check the base of the plant in case there is a smaller plant growing next the larger one as this would improve your chances of success. Then, the “smaller plants” can each be re-potted in their own containers with some compost and hopefully, they will survive.

Here is what I got: one died, two went half green/half dead and the fourth one looked very healthy.

Tip: before throwing out your dead thyme plant(s), use the dried leaves in your cooking! Cut what you need with a pair of scissors and rub the stems with your fingers above your cooking pot.The dried leaves will fall in your pot and the remaining stems can be discarded.