Safe painting for kids

Using old shirt to protect kids clothes when painting

In this post, you will find a few tips about kids and leftover paint.

Kids love painting. To protect their clothes, you don’t need to buy any aprons, just use some old shirts. Put the buttons at the back for maximum protection and if the sleeves are really too long, you could cut them to size and use a loose elastic band to keep the fabric off their hands.

Tip: give them a big canvass to paint on. A large piece of cardboard for example. it is much more fun than painting on the usual A4 paper on the kitchen table.

Another tip: alway let them paint with water-based paint (eg. emulsion), never oil-based paint (eg gloss). And tie long hair in a pony tail of course.

In the picture, the kids were preparing for a birthday party. They had to paint an old piece of board (I think it was MDF..) in the middle of which we cut a large hole. After putting some background colour, they decorated it. The board was used for a game of Wet Sponge Throwing. Daddy was the one who had to put his head through the hole while the birthday guests threw wet sponges at him. 🙂

Fantastic game to play during hot summers.