Marigolds for kitchens / bathrooms

Marigold rubber gloves with "Bathroom" sign

One thing you do not want to do is use the same rubber gloves to wash the dishes and clean the toilets. So, how to make sure you never make this mistake? You could buy pink ones with longer arms that are “specific” for bathrooms. Personnally, I don’t bother. All I do is use a permanent marker pen and write “BATHROOM” on both sides.

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2 thoughts on “Marigolds for kitchens / bathrooms

  1. I’m with you, even though I’m not the one who cleans the bathroom,
    but that’s awful to wear the same pair of gloves, totally anti-hygienic.
    I wear them to help my girlfriend with the dishes, we bought 2 packs
    of Casabella gloves, the ones with long-cuff, but she wears hot pink.