Unblock kitchen sinks without chemicals

Wet kitchen cloth and empty plastic bottleI must share with you a great tip on how to unblock kitchen sinks without chemicals! Simple but yet effective. Of course, I had to buy a couple of bottles of drain unblocker first.   At £5 a bottle, it really hurts your pocket! And the result was never that great.Then, I had a Eureka moment!

All you need is a kitchen cloth and a small empty plastic bottle. Put the bottle upside down over the plug hole and place the kitchen cloth over the plug hole and around the neck of the bottle, pushing tightly against both. What you want is to make it as air and water tight as possible. Holding the cloth with one hand, squeeze the body of the bottle hard and quickly to push the air inside the bottle down the plug hole. The stronger your flow of air, the more efficient it will be. And then, see how quickly your blocked sink will empty! Heaven!

Of course, this should only be a quick fix. If you have a blocked sink, you should disassemble the section of pipe that contain the obstruction and remove the muck inside it. Use a long stick to help you reach the inside of the pipe. You could even securely fix a small brush to the handle of a broom with sellotape so you can scrub right inside. Pushing the blockage with air or water might only push your problem a little further away, making it even more difficult to reach the problem area. If you are worried about not being able to put things back together exactly how they were before, take a couple of pictures of what it looks like beforehand. Also, use an old toothbrush to remove any debris around the rubber rings to ensure water tight joints.