How to reuse old tea bags – clean your worktops with them

used tea bagHave you every wondered how to reuse old tea bags? I found a great way to give tea bags a second lease of life! Used tea bags are perfect for spot cleaning your kitchen worktops, i.e. remove bread crumbs, food residue, etc. Just wipe and throw out! No need to rinse any kitchen clothes afterwards and very hygienic too! Of course, you will have to be careful not to use them on something that might get stained by tea. So, do a little test first on an inconspicuous area. Tip: works best when squeezed and still warm.

Of course, used tea bags, just like used coffee ground, are great for plants too as the high levels of nitrogen they contain give them green, healthy leaves. Just tear the bag open and scatter the tea leaves on top of the compost.

Alternatively, place used tea bags over the drainage holes of your plant pots instead of using stones to prevent the compost from falling off.