How to put on/change a duvet cover quickly?

Follow my step-by-step picture guide and changing a duvet cover will no longer be a struggle. When my son was about 14, he and his classmates went to a Geography field trip. Once in the dormitory, they had to make their bed. It took him a couple of minutes to make his but everybody else was struggling, sweating and swearing as, to them, the task was simply “mission impossible”. So, he became the hero for the day when he showed his mates what to do.

Change duvet cover - grab

Grab the corners of the duvet cover from the inside

Change duvet cover - turn inside out

Pull to turn the cover inside out

Change duvet cover - Grap duvet

Grab two of the duvet’s corners and pull towards you

Change duvet cover - Shake

Holding the corners tightly with your arm high in the air, shake to ease the fabric of the cover down over the duvet

 Then, the rest is easy: push the remaining two corners of the duvet inside the cover, button up and you’re done.

Tip: on wash day, pull the duvet cover off the duvet in such a way that the duvet cover is inside out so that you can skip steps 1 and 2.