Make bags with lavender flowers

To make these bags, you don’t need to have any sewing skills just some old fabric, a stapler and follow my quick step-by-step picture guide:

  • Get some lavender heads (flowers) and leave them on a sunny window sill if they are not dry yet.
  • Get some non-stretch fabric. Here, I cut the whole front of an old top, which I then cut into four. 
  • Fold one piece of fabric into two and staple around two sides, placing the staples close to each other to prevent the little flowers from falling out.
  • Turn the fabric inside out making it look like a small bag that you can then fill with lavender.
  • Once filled, fold the “bag” and staple to secure.
  • Do the same for the other three bags and you will find yourself with 4 bags.

Put your lavender bags inside your clothe drawers or next to your pillow at night. If you made them smarter (i.e. properly stitched and fancy fabric and little bows, these could make great Christmas presents!)