How to load a dishwasher efficiently

Using a dishwasher efficiently takes a little getting used to and hopefully, the following tips and pictures will be of some use to you:

For items like mugs and glasses, you can load your dishwasher as much as possible as long as you leave a gap for the sprayer to reach inside each of your crockery items. If the dishes are dirty, the gap will have to be wider to allow better cleaning.

  • Wedge light plastic containers using a heavier item to prevent them from being turned over and filled with water by the spraying arm.
  • Place mugs over the cutlery tray using cutlery as holders.
  • Place small saucepans underneath bigger ones (unless the bigger ones are dirty and need a larger area exposed).
  • Place sharp knives with the tip facing down to prevent any injuries when removing the cutlery.
  • Before closing the door, spin the lower spraying arm with your hand to make sure it moves freely and remove the item that is in the way.

Top rack:

Top rack without oven dish

Top rack with oven dish

Bottom rack: