Free Pilates classes

 This tip should help you save money and time.

Think about it! What is the objective of Pilates? It is to help you reconnect with your core muscles – the muscles around your spine – and to strengthen your spine.

Well, guess what? You should never have disconnected with them in the first place. Your body is your temple. Look after it. Your core muscles are the only thing that will protect your spine from harm. So, you should not pay weekly classes of Pilates, you should be working those core muscles every minute of the day, every day. That’s how you get free Pilates classes. Just do it yourself and save petrol, or a bus fare, and the time it takes you to get to a Pilates class.

I, for sure, have realised that my posture has worsened over the years. I don’t stand so straight anymore and my tummy is “free to explore the world outside”. This has come back to bite me big time but I won’t go into details about my health problems.

My advice to you is: Tighten your abdominals every time you move your spine. For example when you: lean back to wet your hair under the shower; reach out high to put away plates or other crockery in the kitchen cupboard; walk up the stairs or just walk on the pavement, etc. It will be really hard to do at the beginning because you will keep forgetting but hopefully with time, this will become second nature to you.