Cupboard space saving tips

Below, you will find a couple of handy tips to help you make the most of the space in your cupboard. These tips will only be any use to you if you have slatted shelves.

 Tip 1: Using a plastic crate (it is an old mushroom crate) and four pieces of rope, tie the four sides of the crate to the underneath of your shelf. Here, I have cut the front of the crate at two different levels to allow access for my hand. This new shelf will be great to hold small items and you can see what’s inside. Below is a picture of my new shelf in situ.

Tip 2: Use a large hook to hang items underneath the shelf like I did with the yellow bag in the picture above. This is an old rubber coated piece of metal that was bent into an “S” shape. If you only have small hooks, just tie a piece of rope around the slat and hang the hook on it.