Bag or bagless vacuum cleaner?

Which vacuum cleaner to chooseThere are a lot of reviews on the Internet to help people choose which type of vacuum cleaner to buy: upright, cylinder, bag, bagless, etc. What they don’t really tell you is how they perform after a while. In this post, I will share with you the experience I have had with my own vacuums cleaners. Hopefully, this will make you aware of some problems but at the end of the day, they all have their pros and cons so deciding which to choose will always be hard.

I have owned various types of vacuum cleaners over the years. I won’t mention any brand because this is not the point of this post.

My first purchase was a cylinder vacuum cleaner (with bags).

Cleaning the carpet was very inefficient as I had to move the vacuum head  two or three times over the same area.

So, after a few years, we invested on an upright vacuum cleaner with a rotating brushroll. Problem solved! I only needed to sweep the floor once. It was brilliant! although a bit awkward/heavy when cleaning the stairs.

However, there were other annoying problems:

  1. The hose was too short so the suction would make the whole appliance topple over. It fell on my legs a couple of times and it hurt! So, I had to keep hold of the appliance with one hand while hoovering along edges and other awkward places with the other hand. Not great…
  2. The electrical cord was too short so I had to constantly change sockets. Rather frustrating…

Having kept the old vacuum cleaner for DIY purposes, i.e. cleaning inside of car, etc. we had a storage issue, so we decided to buy a small (but allegedly very efficient) cylinder vacuum cleaner to replace the older bulkier one. Big mistake! The small cleaner stopped working soon after the warranty expired and that’s when we realised that we had thrown out a perfectly good working appliance… do’h!

When our upright vacuum cleaner finally gave up the ghost, we decided to try one of these bagless appliances with an HEPA filter, particularly suited for pet hair. It seemed really good to start with but now, I wonder whether a vacuum cleaner with a bag would not be in fact better than a bagless vacuum cleaner… HEPA filters work great at the beginning but you have to empty them regularly (to improve efficiency and prevent overheating), tap them on a hard surface outdoors to dislodge the dust (that’s really annoying, particularly if you live in a flat or if it is a rainy day and dust flies everywhere) and clean them with water occasionally. Finally, what they don’t tell you is that you still need to buy a replacement HEPA filter every year anyway.

Does not it seem easier to just use bags? You put them in the bin when full and replace with a new one, end of.

What do you think? What type of vacuum cleaner to you have? and what problems do you have with yours?