Useless at cooking

Have you ever queried your ability to cook? Well, you will not be the first one. Even famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay (my favourite chef by the way, sorry Jamie!) have bad days. They don’t like to publicise them.

I certainly have had very many bad days over the years. Once, the whole family, on my husband’s side, rented a big house for the week so that we could all be together under the same roof. We agreed that each couple would be in charge of cooking two evening meals and would bring whatever ingredients they needed for it. One of my meals was going to be cheese fondue. I had a cheese fondue set already so, all I needed to do was purchase cheese, white wine, etc.

It was a complete flop! I am not sure what happened. I had cooked a few fondues before and never had any problems. I thought it was a fool-proof recipe. The cheese simply did not mix in with the wine and I ended up with a big lump of cheese swimming in liquid. The only way I could explain it is that there was no grater at the house so I had to cut the cheese into slices.

Anyway, everybody thought it was very funny. They all think that I am some sort of cooking goddess, which of course I don’t agree with but that’s another story. They were very happy and relieved to see that even “I” could make such a mess of my diners.

Well, as you know, I don’t like waste so I still served it! The girls all obliged – very politely – ate it and said it was nice…. considering…. But the boys decided not to touch or even taste my diner and went to the kitchen and made themselves English breakfast instead. Thanks guys!