Tips on butter and spreadable butter tubs

Lurpak spreadable butter

Have you ever thought of reusing plastic spreadable butter tubs? They are really useful, they stack up well and take little room in the fridge.

Many years ago, I bought a stainless steel butter dish (very similar to the Kitchen Craft Butter dish, so you can do a Google search if you want to see what it looks like)  but I don’t use it any more. Although quite streamline, it is actually bulky compared with a spreadable butter tub as it has two small handles on either side and a little loop on top of the lid. So, my advice is to buy a tub of spreadable butter and when empty, use it as a butter dish.

They are very easy to clean – the writing on the outside will wear off eventually but this does not affect the performance of the tub.  They stack up really well with or without lids (i.e. when in the fridge or stored away in the cupboard). You could even use them as normal plastic containers. The only drawback is that they are very light so will very likely move around in the dishwasher and end up full of water and the end of the cleaning cycle. So, try and wedge your butter tub with an heavier item, such as a glass, mug, serving spoon, etc.

Do you buy spreadable butter because normal butter is too hard to use? Then, have a look at my post on butter. You can also leave your butter tub out of the fridge. The butter won’t last as long (obviously) but it won’t make you ill because when butter turns bad, you will know about it as it becomes rancid! I suggest you place in your tub just enough butter to last you a few days. In the summer though, butter would just melt so it has to stay in the fridge.

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