Save your empty jars

three empty jam jars

Ready for jam making day

Save your jars throughout the year ready for the summer/autumn season when ingredients are cheap and plentiful, and in some cases, free! Mayonnaise, jam, anything in a glass jar, preferably with a safety widget (to ensure the jam will be vacuum sealed). I like the Bonne Maman jars myself because they look lovely and they are usually the ones I will give away first as gifts. Wash them and remove the labels as and when the jars get empty. Store at the back of a cupboard. Then, the day you make your jam, chutney or other preserve, you will not need to buy jam jars! All you have to do is give them another wash and sterilise them. Strawberries are cheap in the summer. Berries can be picked for free in the coutryside. I used to have a Victoria plum tree in my back garden, so every year I made a lot of jam. There is nothing more satisfying that eating your own home-made jam, knowing that it only cost the price of a few lemons and bags of sugar. Friends and family always enjoy free hand-outs… I mean, the fruit of your hard labour! 😉