What to bring for lunch at work?

Healthy Packed Lunch


My husband is renowned at work for his packed lunches. He tells me that his colleagues are very envious as most of them bring the same boring sandwiches, day after day. The thing is, they are so easy to prepare, they require minimum effort and most of all, they are so much cheaper and tastier than anything else on the market.

If you have high blood pressure and need a low-fat diet, if you suffer from allergies or food intolerance, making your own packed lunch enables you to have complete control over what you eat. To entice customers, retailers like to add extra seasoning, sauces, salt and sugar to their salads and sandwiches. Not really what you want either if you are watching your weight. Over the coming days/weeks, I will share my ideas with you and provide tips & advice on how to make yummy lunches.