Tortilla wrap sandwiches

filling of tortilla wrap sandwich

Place filling on a line

The expiry date on my tortilla wraps is approaching, so I’d better start using them. If stored in your cupboard too long, they become dry and will rip easily. So, not good if you are having lunch next to your keyboard or your newly printed report!

I love wraps. I usually buy them when they are on special offer because I find they are quite expensive for what they are really. I have tried to cook my own tortilla wraps but so far, I have not been very successful :-(. I tried a couple of recipes posted on the Web but I find the results too floury. As soon as I succeed, I will let you know. However, if by any chance you have tried and tested one recipe, please could you share it with us? In the meantime, let’s just stick to shop-bought tortilla wraps.

Tortilla wrap sandwiches are easy and quick to prepare at home, they taste much better and cost a fraction of the price of shop-bough wrap sandwiches. And at least, you know exactly what’s inside.

My two key ingredients are: Philadelphia cheese and mayonnaise (although, you might want to use salad cream instead).

One tablespoon of each per tortilla. Tip: just spread in a line across the wrap (i.e. no need to do it all over since you will be folding the sides anyway). Then, just scatter along that line whatever meat and vegetables you have available in your fridge (using the ones with the shortest shelf life first, of course! :-)). Chopped chives or red onions gives a nice flavour. Although be careful with red onion as you might be left with an onion taste in your mouth for the rest of the day. So, try once and decide if it is for you or not.

Cut your meat and vegetables into small cubes or strips. Use a grater for carrots as they are too hard to crunch on in wraps otherwise. You can add small cubes of cheddar cheese in your filling too or use it grated.

If you don’t have any leftover meat, open up a tin of tuna or cook some hard boiled eggs.

If you have run out of fresh vegetables, open up a small tin of corn, or a jar of dried tomatoes and/or peppers (in olive oil). Frozen peas would do the trick too although I must admit I have not tried myself yet.

Next, make a little “cup” by folding the side nearest to you, to prevent bits from falling out when you are eating.

first fold of tortilla wrap sandwich

Making a "cup"

Then fold twice more, to the left and to the right, to close. Tip: place your chef’s knife handle on top the tortilla wrap to prevent it from opening up while you attend to the other wrap. Tip: Place your wrap on top of a clean plate before filling them up. When the wrap is ready, simply put the still-clean plate back in the cupboard. I roll my tortilla wrap using aluminium foil. Not very green but I have not found a better alternative yet. Although, you could always re-use the foil quite a few times as it does not get dirty.

My daughter prefers her tortilla wraps rolled. If you want to try this,roll the tortilla around the stuffing as tightly as possible and just push one end of the tortilla inside the stuffing. This should help keep the stuffing in place. And placeone or two fingers over the end of the wrap as this will prevent the stuffing from falling out too.