Tortilla wrap for lunch part 1

Tortilla wrap with ham stuffing

Tuna, Corn & cubed cheddar cheese

You will find in this post a couple of pictures showing different types of stuffing for your tortilla wraps. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Have a quick look at one of my previous post, to find out what basic ingredients to use.

Chicken stuffing for tortilla wrap

Chicken stuffing

The 1st picture is perfect for Fridays when food is running low in the fridge. The stuffing is made of tinned tuna and tinned corn. It is also perfect when you are in a hurry because there is no cutting or chopping to do.

The stuffing in the second picture takes a little bit longer to make as you have to peel and grate a carrot and cut up tomatoes, cheese and spring onions. Throw in a handful of seeds too. Here, you can see pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

I used to make two tortilla wraps per person but nowadays, I just increase the amount of stuffing and only make one tortilla per person. This works out much cheaper and your tortilla packet lasts longer! So, it is much better all round!