Packed lunch – Pan fried chicken breast

Do you buy sliced turkey or chicken to put in your sandwiches? Try and cook the chicken yourself. It is much cheaper and the taste simply does not compare.

Here, I roughly slice (a sharp knife makes it much easier) some chicken breast (2 chicken breasts make generous sandwiches for 4), cutting against the grain as much as possible. Tip: don’t make the slices too thin otherwise you won’t have any space left on your frying pan! Sprinkle some seasoning on one side (I used Steak seasoning here but salt and pepper is fine too) and place your chicken directly on a hot frying pan, seasoned side down. Tip: don’t try and rearrange the meat because it will stick to the bottom on the frying pan but once sealed, the meat should stop sticking. Sprinkle more seasoning on the other side and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Turn over and cook the other side until just white. Tip: prick and check inside the thickest slice to ensure it is no longer pink. Then, leave it to rest for a few minutes. Tip: to have tender meat, don’t overcook your chicken otherwise it will become tough.

If making a sandwich, slice the chicken lengthways,in two or more if very thick, to get thinner slices. As part of a salad or in a tortilla wrap, you can cut the chicken into cubes or strips.

On Saturdays (assuming this is when you do your weekly shopping), get a French baguette and a whole chicken. Quickly slice a breast out of the chicken (if you don’t feel brave enough, buy chicken breasts on their own). While the chicken is cooking, you can prepare the rest of the baguette. All you need is a coating of mayonnaise (don’t bother with butter) and some green stuff (lettuce, cucumber maybe, etc.) and sliced tomatoes. Yummy! 🙂