Packed lunch on the go

Packed lunch in disposable aluminium boxesSometimes, you do not want or cannot carry around empty plastic containers after you have eaten your packed lunch, i.e if you are having a day out, travelling by train, etc.  All you want to do is eat and throw away the containers. In these instances, I like to use small aluminium dishes with lids which I purchase at my usual supermarket in packs of 6. I find they are a little bit too small for my liking but the larger size is just too big. The standard plastic forks don’t fit but read my post to find out how to fix it.

To get ideas on how to make nice packed lunches, please rummage through my older posts such as this one. You will find posts on packed lunches as cold salads, tortilla wraps or microwavable leftovers. Click of “Food” in my menu bar where you will find a list of all my posts.