Bread for sandwiches

Sliced Hovis Wholemeal Bread

Freshly-Baked Taste

Sandwiches are under-rated! In this post, I will give you tips on how to handle bread and improve your packed lunch experience.

There is nothing wrong with sandwiches. It is only the lack of variety in your packed lunch that kills it. Although, maybe you should ditch the white bread and learn to enjoy wholemeal. It will make you feel fuller longer. So, that’s worth a shot.

Tip: Place your bread loaf in the freezer as soon as you are back from the shops. I have a small freezer at the moment myself, so I know how precious freezer space can be. Storing two loaves of bread is a struggle for me every week. Tip: remove the ice cube tray at the top of your freezer, this will give you the extra few inches you are desperately after (your freezer tray might not be removable). You can put it back mid-week in case you want ice cubes at the week-end. Tip: divide your loaf into 2 or 3 batches and place them inside empty bread bags…yes, always keep a couple of bags in your bread bin and make sure to let them dry inside first. It is easier to find space for smaller items rather than one big whole loaf of bread.

Why store the bread loaf in the freezer? Two reasons:

1. Spreading butter is easy on a frozen hard slice of bread, even if the butter is hard.

2. To retain that fresh-bread taste throughout the week and ensure mould-free bread.

3. Reduce waste. You only take out of the freezer what you need.

The problem with bread is that it is very bulky and you can only store so many in the freezer (just two in my case, one whole one and one divided into three little batches). This is why varied packed lunches are important. Use tortilla wraps or make pasta and rice salads or place your leftovers in a microwavable container to be reheated the next day at work.