New Vodka Lemon drink

I published a post just before Pancake Day on how to make lemonade. Well, the bag of 6 lemons for £1.00 has been offered for sale on and off even since (at Morrison’s at least). You should also know that lemons are really good for you. They are antibacterial and full of vitamin C so they really give you a boost when you are feeling a cold coming on. Well, it works for me anyway. Although, because I rarely have home-made lemonade readily available in the fridge, I usually take about 6 tablets as soon as I feel under the weather and this usually sorts me out. This does not do the body any harm as any excess Vitamin C will be excreted in the urine.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I discovered this week-end. I need to say first that I am quite partial to the odd vodka orange. So, as I made fresh lemonade on Saturday morning and had some left over in the fridge, I thought I would make my usual vodka orange with lemonade instead. Oh, wow ! This was so delicious!! If you are not fond of vodka orange, please try this at least once and tell me what you think. Hubby was impressed too! But, just a little piece of advice: don’t make too much lemonade otherwise, you might want to have seconds, and thirds, etc. and that would not be very good, would it?! Please give me feedback when you have tried as I would love to know how many people I have converted. 😉 Take care!