How to use up milk

Hot milk added to ingredientsYou are going shopping soon and realise that you still have a lot of milk left in the fridge. Need some ideas on how to use it up?

There are loads of ways to use up milk, all depending on what you have left in your fridge/cupboards, in the hope that you can combine them all.

Sweet recipes to use up milk:

  • Flan, which is the equivalent of set custard, except that you use the whole egg instead of just the egg yolk. Vanilla flavoured with caramel sauce is how I like them. But, you can customise it to your taste, i.e. chocolate, fresh fruit, etc.
  • French pancakes, which use much more milk than Scottish pancakes.
  • Rice or semolina pudding, etc.

Savoury recipes to use up milk:

  • Bechamel sauce, which is the French equivalent of white sauce. If you are wheat intolerant, you could replace the wheat flour with rice flour or even cornmeal. Lately, I have also been using Gram flour, i.e. chick pea flour. It is a lovely alternative. Bechamel sauce is great as a base for gratin dishes or pies or simply poured over cooked vegetables, adding a generous amount of grated cheddar cheese.
  • Stuffed pancakes. This will help you get rid of any leftover food too. Make your pancakes, cut up any leftover food into small cubes and mix into a thick bechamel sauce with some grated cheese. Roll each pancake with the stuffing inside and cook in the oven (180 degrees C for about 25 minutes).

Have you got any other suggestions yourself?