How to store fresh parsley

Parsley leaves
Whether you buy or grow your own, take advantage of the summer season to stock up on fresh parsley and store it in your freezer for readily available supply all year round.

Wash and dry a large amount of parsley (it greatly reduces in size once chopped). Tip: if you don’t have a lettuce spinner, hold the stems with one hand like a bunch of flowers and “slap” your bunch of parsley a few times on some kitchen towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Cut the stems off, leaving only the smaller ones. “Zap” the parsley a couple of times in a food processor or a grinder until evenly chopped (but not pulverised!!) and put in a lidded plastic container to store in a freezer.

Then, every time you recipe needs parsley, retrieve your little container out of the freezer and take the desired amount of parsley with a spoon. Replace in the freezer straight away.

Most herbs could be processed this way, except for plants like basil as the leaves are too delicate.