How to serve hard ice cream

If your ice cream is too hard to scoop, I found that the following tip works better than dipping the ice cream scoop in a mug of hot water. Simply cut your hard ice cream with a knife then use it as a lever to lift the piece of ice cream. Be careful not to pierce the tube though or even flick the ice cream onto your face or the floor. Of course, the ice cream will not be beautifully formed but at least you won’t need to wait before eating it! If you want to have a more presentable dessert, then you will have to use an ice cream scoop. Put boiled water in a mug and place the ice cream scoop in the mug for a few seconds. This will help cut through the ice cream too. When the scoop gets cold, put it back in the hot mug, wait another few seconds and try again.

I will show you soon how to make a last minute crumble to fulfil that sweet tooth.