How to protect bedrooms from flying insects

Using net curtains as protection against insectsWasps, mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc… There is nothing more annoying than to get your sleep disturbed because some flying insects took advantage of your open windows to get inside your bedroom.

I finally decided to do something about it when my daughter saw a wasp fly away from her bed as she moved her duvet cover one early Saturday morning. Luckily, I had some old net curtains stored in a box. If you don’t have any spare net curtains, you can buy some very cheap ones in a  charity shop. Get some Sellotape and simply fix the curtain fabric around the opening of the window, slightly loose, making sure you leave enough room for your hand to close the window as and when required. Don’t use any scissors, just work with the fabric you have. You never know, you might want to use a “whole” net curtain later for another job. So no need to cut anything.

Using old net curtains as protection against insects

Top of curtain wedged inside the top hopper

For the window below, I had a very wide and short curtain. So, I folded it in half, sellotaped the top, the left-hand side of the front half and the right-hand side of the back half (see drawing below).Using net curtains as protection against insects

Pink shows where on the curtain I put the sellotape

Then, when you want to open/close the window, all you have to do is put your hand through the middle of the two other halves.

As you can see in the picture below, it does not matter if the curtain is placed the right side up.

Using net curtains as protection from insects

Curtain wedged at the top and sellotaped along both sides of the window. Objects placed over the curtain, on top of the window sill, to keep it in place.

We have a wasp nest near by, so this will be very useful until the wasp nest is found and taken care of.

This will also work a treat at night against mosquitoes and moths attracted by the lights in your bedroom.