Dried beans

Have you ever thought of cooking your own beans? My husband would say “Why bother? it only costs 50p.” True, but how much does it actually cost to cook them yourself? First, if you intend to cook small quantities at a time, then buying them in a tin will definitely work out cheaper.Tinned beans are great for convenience but it is just as easy to cook your beans ahead and store them in the freezer until required. In the pictures below, you can see the difference in volume when you leave your dried soak overnight. They simply double in volume and in weight. They will weight slightly more too after cooking. The beans in these pictures are Pinto Beans.
dried beans in bowl to soak

Leave overnight

dried beans in water soaked overnight

Weight has doubled

So, how much do you save? Difficult to say because prices vary but if and when you work it out, take into account that a 400g tin of baked contains about 300g of beans + 100g sauce. Also, a packet of 500g beans provides just over 1 kg of soaked beans. Do you like maths? What is your answer?
In any case, it is not all about money. It is about flavour too as well as the sastisfaction of having done it yourself.