Disaster croissants

close up of home made croissantThis week-end both my daughter and I baked and both our works flopped…

I got up at 6am on Sunday to make croissants for breakfast. I have a bread maker, so making the dough was easy.

Looking at the picture, you might think “but what went wrong?”

Well, quite a few things actually.

First, I struggle incorporating the butter into the dough. I should have waited longer for the dough to cool down as this would have kept the butter harder…. dough! Lesson learnt: wait for dough to cool before rolling the butter in.

Then, I realised that I had not rolled the dough thin enough so after resting, the layer of dough got quite thick. Also, my triangle were too small so I could not do much rolling and the end bit kept unrolling.

And finally, they just did not taste like croissants…. probably not enough butter…. I don’t know….

Anyway, the thing is, it does not matter!

They still tasted nice. In the evening, I cut the leftover “croissants” in half lengthways, put them under the grill, then spread a thick layer of Philadelphia cheese, topped up with a little sun-dried tomato paste (I would have used chopped sun-dried tomatoes in oil but I did not have any).

It was delish!

Freshly baked home made croissants