Disaster Bread – What can go wrong

Disaster bread - Deflated top after cookingI have made a lot of breads over the years but things still go wrong. So, hopefully, this post will make you see that things don’t just go wrong with you! We all suffer various levels of kitchen malfunction at some point or the other.

I think the two things that can go wrong with making your own bread, happened to me on the same day, apart from burning it….

First, although the bread looked like it had risen well, it was in fact only the top layer that had. As soon as I placed my bread in the oven, it deflated right in front of my eyes. Disaster bread - showing stuck buttom

Then, when I tried to remove the bread from the tin, I had to struggle because the bottom part of the bread was stuck to the tin.

But, at the end of the day, my bread might not have looked great but it still tasted lovely.

Next time I make bread, I will oil the tin more generously, only knead the dough once and place the dough very gently inside the tin, i.e. not push it down. Cleaning is relatively easy too, just leave the bottom of the tin to soak then scrape with a flat wooden spoon (so as not to spoilt the coating of your tin).