Video tip on how to save your vacuum cleaner’s filters or dust bags

Doing DIY creates a lot of dust and dirt. So, to avoid replacing the dust bag too often (they are rather pricey) or even clogging the filter (fine dust has a detrimental effect on suction efficiency), it might be wise to pick up as much as possible manually before actually using your vacuum cleaner. This tip does not create dust like a brush and dustpan would. Below are a couple of tips on how to do it with a plastering trowel, illustrated by a very short video clip.

For dirt on carpets, simply push the plastering trowel gently into the pile while sliding it across the carpet.

For dust along skirting boards, push a corner of the trowel along the edge of the carpet and gently scrape the carpet to gather the dust. Then, pick up with the small or large edge of the trowel.