Extended arm to clean your gutters

If you are not a home owner, this post will be of no interest to you as it will show you how clean gutters efficiently.

Clean your gutters when the leaves inside are slightly damp as this will make it easier to pick up. Then, all you need is a ladder, a bucket, a dutch hoe, a pair of rubber gloves and an old rubber glove. If you don’t have a dutch hoe, you could use a broom stick padded with a piece of fabric from an old t-shirt (to make it look like a giant cotton tip). Push the glove onto the metal part of the hoe and fill it slightly with wet leaves (get the leaves from your gutter!). Tip: don’t fill too much otherwise it will not fit inside the gutter. Then, just pull the leaves towards you and pick them up with your other gloved hand. With this method, you won’t need to move the ladder so many times.